Saturday, October 23, 2010

first post !!!!

Hello readers of this blog! First of all, thanks for reading this blog since this is my first blog of many more. I shall explain a few things.

1.Why I decided to make a blog: Well, my blog is mostly to review books. To say I read alot would be an understatement. I love to read and love giving reviews about the books I have read, and would love to share my opinions with whoever reads this blog (btw if you are reading this right now THANK YOU ). Umm that's mostly it.

2.I have obviously read many books before I started this blog and I may or may not review those books, but I do promise to try to review every book I read from now on ^_^ .

Ok, now on to the actual first official post

Yesterday, at the main library in Ottawa, there was an event called "Get Loud with Lesley Livingston". This activity was part of the first ever teen author week. Along the week, there are many authors that you can meet for free. Yesterday it was Lesley Livingston, author of "Wondrous Strange" and "Darklight". It started by her talking a bit then followed by a short reading of Wondrous Strange and Darklight. We spent more time discussing Wondrous Strange than Darklight because some people haven't read Darklight yet. I admit, I am one of those people, but I bought Darklight yesterday and am already loving it.

As you might know, the third and final book in this series is coming out soon (I have the count down clock on the side if you haven't seen it yet). The last book of this trilogy is "Tempestuous" and Lesley brought the ARC (advanced readers copy). After a bit of begging she read a little bit of the book to us. Like I said, I haven't read Darklight yet, but for those who have you will probably understand it more than me. Basically, Sonny is in a train and he doesn't really know were he's going. Then, this water creature asks him if he wants to get off at her stop because she's lost too and would'nt mind the company. That's all. But Lesley kind of tortured us by reading the last phrase of the chapter (I think it's chapter 2). I don't remember the actual words (sorry) but it was about how Sonny never thought he would die in such a stupid way ... I know intense stuff ._. After Lesley took some questions, there weren't that many questions, I asked a question and two more people did too.

After she finished talking, there was a book signing while some local bands played, hence the get loud part.  Anyways that was pretty it. All I can say is that it shows that Lesley Livingston is a performer. She is hilarious on stage and has a different voice for every character in her reading. It makes me want to listen to the audio books. She told us that she is currently working on recording Tempestuous and she says it is very hard to record an audio book. I can understand that talking non stop with different voices, from 10am to 6pm, must be hard.To continue on my previous thoughts, Lesley Livingston is a fun and very nice person. Meeting her in person just make me like the books even more. To conclude this long blog, I suggest you read Wondrous Strange.

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