Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas and a hapy new year + update

Merry christmas and a happy new year

hello fellow bloggers i know ive been absent on bloging this week and last(cough cought) but christmas time is coming and it gets busy this time of year (and i get lazy that may be a factor :) ) so this is a post to just talk about stuff that i need to mention and to let you guys know i have not given up on blogging and to please just bear with it till after the holidays.

so one  i shall be going on vacation soon so that means i will not have any internet acess and will not be able to post reviews and other posts i usually do, but on the other hand i will have time to read alot on vacation and get cached up on the reviews i haven`t written yet if you are curious of what reviews will be coming here is a list for you:

need by Carrie Jones
captivate by Carrie Jones
angelfire by Courtney Alisson Moulton
darklight by Lesley Livinston
Once dead twice shy by Kim Harisson
sucks to be me by Kimberly Pauley
the death master by ...
never slow dance with a zombie by E Van Lowe
sea change ¸by Aimee Friedman

so yes lots of reviews to get done  you might realise angelfire is in this list and that its not out yet...I KNOW!!! i was so excited when the librarian lent it to me so i could review it and bring it back afterwards and let me say the book is really good  and a big thanks to the librarian she also lent me the 5th book in the wicked lovely series by melissa marr it`s called darkest mercy and i am super hyper about it

so thats the first thing secondly it's christmas day!!!! yes the holly jolly and probably in my top 3 favorite moments of the year so(starts to sing) i want to wish you a merry christmas i wish you merry christmas  i wish you a merry christmas and a happpy new year.i hope you have a wonderful christmas .

i got some lovely books for christmas here is the list

actually there are maybe too many to list but heres a few

iron king by julie kagawa
personal demons by
fallen by lauren kate
matched by allie condie
 and way more

and will review those soon  some awesome books no?so to conclude a very mery christmas a happy new year and see you next year have a great christmas break

kinda represents somewhere im going on vacation(grins)

happy reading

 Maya :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

City of fallen angels cover !!!!!!!

City of fallen angels cover !!!!!!!!!

 oh my god the city of falen angels cover is out today I loved this series. excitment overload I love this series it`s in my top 10 books of all time. read it if you haven`t I should be posting some quotes for this book some time after christmas so anyways onto the revealing of the cover.

 i know wow. My question is: is that jace in the front or is it alec i'd like to know I think it`s jace personally but you never know. go here for a sneak peek at the books(clockwork prince/city of falen angels)and all I can say is W.O.W  definately check it out! and here is for you people who haven`t read the plot here it is.

City of Fallen Angels is the fourth book in the bestselling series The Mortal Instruments.

“Love, blood, betrayal and revenge — the stakes are higher than ever in City of Fallen Angels. Simon Lewis is having some trouble adjusting to his new life as a vampire, especially now that he hardly sees his best friend Clary, who is caught up in training to be a Shadowhunter—and spending time with her new boyfriend Jace. Not to mention that Simon doesn’t quite know how to handle the pressure of not-quite-dating two girls at once. What’s a daylight-loving vampire to do? Simon decides he needs a break and heads out of the city—only to discover that sinister events are following him. Realizing that the war they thought they’d won might not yet be over, Simon has to call on his Shadowhunter friends to save the day — if they can put their own splintering relationships on hold long enough to rise to the challenge.”

from goodreads

now who wouldn`t want to read this book a thanks for emilie from emiliebookworld for posting about the release of the cover if not I wouldn't have know so if you want more links and stuff go to her blog because thats where I got the information and it's a great book blog.

happy reading

Maya :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Undine by Penni Russon


Official resume :Undine gets along well with her unconventional mother, she adores her baby brother, and she has a devoted kindred spirit in her best friend and next-door neighbor, Trout. It's inconvenient that Trout has a sloppy crush on her, but Undine tries to overlook this. Undine is basically satisfied . . . until strange things begin happening to her.      It starts with an odd feeling, a shadow in the mirror, a whisper only Undine can hear: It's time to come home. And it builds. One hot day, when Undine imagines knitting together a few scattered clouds, she creates a massive thunderstorm.      Who is Undine? Where does her power come from? What is she meant to do? Undine needs answers to these questions, so she sets off in search of a father she'd always believed was dead and a self she's only beginning to discover. But Undine's magic is powerful, wild, and dangerous -- and her feelings as she uncovers the truth are even fiercer. Will Undinee find herself or lose herself . . . and everyone she loves?

My resume:undine has a good life a mother she loves  a baby brother she also loves and a best friend who wants to be something more but when strange feelings and things start hapening to her she starts uncovering the truth about her and the sea


the dictionary would describe undine as a mythical sea creature also know as a sea nimph(omg original way to start hit`s herself in the head) but this undine is a carasmatic girl that i enjoyed very much at some points she was extremely sweet but on the snap of a thinger she could hold dark thoughts that she isn`t able to control this was a eery good book from the very first page to the very last it is a story of mystery magic and romance and there was just enough of every aspect to make it perfectly balanced all the love interest's in the book was very well described I also enjoyed how the point of view changed but did not change continuously for example the main caracter was undine but she let you in to her friends mind maybe 6 time throwout the book to know what was really going in his head witch helped you follow and understand the story a bit more

the plot was also good i do say this in almost every review but it`s true you expected the plot to go in this direction but i went completely in the other direction the author certainly suprised you.great book worth reading

good reading

Maya :)

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

  Hex Hall
Official resume :
 Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch. It's gotten her into a few scrapes. Her non-gifted mother has been as supportive as possible, consulting Sophie's estranged father--an elusive European warlock--only when necessary. But when Sophie attracts too much human attention for a prom-night spell gone horribly wrong, it's her dad who decides her punishment: exile to Hex Hall, an isolated reform school for wayward Prodigium, a.k.a. witches, faeries, and shapeshifters. By the end of her first day among fellow freak-teens, Sophie has quite a scorecard: three powerful enemies who look like supermodels, a futile crush on a gorgeous warlock, a creepy tagalong ghost, and a new roommate who happens to be the most hated person and only vampire on campus. Worse, Sophie soon learns that a mysterious predator has been attacking students, and her only friend is the number-one suspect.
As a series of blood-curdling mysteries starts to converge, Sophie prepares for the biggest threat of all: an ancient secret society determined to destroy all Prodigium, especially her.

My resume:  sophie discovered  shes a witch and since then she has changed schools many times  due to "accidents" so then her dad sends her to a reform school for mythicl beings there's fairies and witches/warlocks and also were people and theres one more being and only one a vampire who just happens to be her room mate and who has secrets and so do many of the people she will meet during her time at school and not only there secrets but secrets she never knew about herself

Hex hall ok number one i hate the ending why not because it wasn`t well written no but because I really don`t want the main character to do what she wants to at the end omg it was just so ahhh(lot`s more jibberish when i just finished the books )yes i did not agree with the end and will definately read the next book to see if SPOILER she goes with the removale maybe some of you want her to go throw with it but i definately do not because she can definately control her inner demoness and idk maybe go and become one of the eye with archer maybe they aren`t that bad you never know one thing you must know about books expect the unexpected like in city of ashes they all think werewolf are bad(BAD DOG LOL about page 20) but there actually nice creatures trying to rescue clairy!!!! ok yes i am kind of on a rat but I am in the at school typing and i don`t see anybody i know to tell all this to so im dumping it on you fellow blogger or reader ok now that i got that out .onto the review

As you can see from my little rant there the book was good it really made you care about the caracters and care about there decisions the book was very well written it was a book that i would recomend to all my friends but not a book that i went WOW!!!!!!so a great book but not amazing i would of liked a bit more romance but with all the awesomeness going on I see how it would be hard to fit it in there but the romance that was put in was great forbiden love(never gets old) and a hotty with a swimmers body(as my friend would say) -_^ the ending was cliff hanger _______ made the book hard to put down and had more than one event that made you gasp with awww and sometimes say things like no (freaki-cough)way but thats the amazing part of a good book no? the caracters are lovable but also hateble and you really feel like their decision is an problem to you.

To conclude this review read this book you won't regret it and will be on your heels waiting for the sequel

enjoy your reading
Maya :)

radiant darkness by Emilie whitman

Radiance darkness

official resume :
He smiles. "Hello."
It's a deep voice. I can feel it reverberate in my chest and echo all the way down to my toes.
I know I should leave, but I don't want to. I want to keep my senses like this forever. I'm all eye, all ear, all skin.
Persephone lives in the most gorgeous place in the world. But her mother's a goddess, as overprotective as she is powerful. Paradise has become a trap. Just when Persephone feels there's no chance of escaping the life that's been planned for her, a mysterious stranger arrives. A stranger who promises something more—something dangerous and exciting—something that spurs Persephone to make a daring choice. A choice that could destroy all she's come to love, even the earth itself.
In a land where a singing river can make you forget your very name, Persephone is forced to discover who—and what—she really is.

My resume: persephone lives in a valley with the most beautiful scenerie but shes not happy shes been stuck in this valley her whole life and her mom still treats her like a child in this valley there is no man and talking about man could get her friends thrown out of the vally for vulgar behaviour when her mom leaves for another of her "jobs"witch persephone is not aloud to attend a mysterious man apears for the second time in the valley then some roman starts to act up and so starts the story


radiance darkness was one of those books that everytime I went to the library the name interested me and every time I deicided to read something else boy was I wrong  to do that I really liked this book it was a  retelling of and old myth about the gods but the godess turned into something cool and fully romantic

the way the author describes hades is amazing in this story hes not just the usual evil manipulative god of of the dead but hes a romantic and hot god of the dead  that cares deeply for his queen I absolutely adored it  this book has romance life aspect and nature as in that persephone  loves nature  and do I to so I enjoyed that also

even though as I mentioned it was based on a myth it was very creative I would definately read the next book if there was one the plot line was interesting and the book was a definite page turner

i would give this book 4 stars out of five

good reading
Maya :)

blog hop # 5

Blog hop

hello another blog hop friday last week i had a sport tournament and i won 2nd place yay so i did not do the blog hop but this week im back yay also before starting i want to say  that i won an award!!! actually three two fromCaroline at words and wispers  and one from lulu at the book addic im a bit confused to how im going to do this because i have to pass the award on to 15 bloggers so those that mean i have to pass it on to 30 people anyways the post will be up soon now onto the hop

blog hop

the blog hop is hosted by crazy for books

this weeks question:

"What is the thing you like most about reading book blogs?  Is it the reviews, author guest posts, articles, giveaways, or something else entirely?"

probably all of the above what i look for in a blog is a person who has the same interest in books that i have basically the contents of it.

that's it enjoy the hop XD

Maya :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Warrior princess by Frewin jones

warrior princess

 official resume :Princess Branwen ap Griffith is fifteen when her brother is murdered by the savage Saxons, who have been closing in on her family's home in their quest for land and riches. Branwen’s brother's death is a symbol of their heightened aggression. Though Branwen loathes the thought of backing down from the job of defending her home, she allows her parents to send her away to allies who will be able to keep her safe.

But Branwen is not prepared for the wave of hostility that meets her when she arrives at her allies' stronghold, where women have no place hunting or fighting, and she is forbidden from doing anything the lady of the land deems unladylike. Branwen longs for her home and for the chance to fight, but she still isn't prepared to accept her fate as a warrior, even when an encounter with a woman clad in white foretells a choice Branwen will have to make—one with devastating consequences. When all that she holds dear hangs in the balance, Branwen will have to choose to defy her elders and take a chance, or do as is expected of her and risk losing everything. 

my resume: branwen is a princess of a kingdom of warriors when her brother is killed she is sent to another kindom to be kept safe she must decide her destiny

this was a great book I know I always start with that but it's almost always true. So this was a great book with a great plot line though I think personally that this book was just a book leading up to the next one even though when you read this book it kind of shows,once you passed about page 60 you don't want to put the book down I can't wait to read the next book .

the plot was really great and the romance was lacking in this book witch I was kind of dispointed about but it was still present the ending to me seemed kind of rushed but still really well discribed

it's also very interesting watching the main caracther evolove into a warrior princess so to conclude it's a great book and i can't wait to read the next book