Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas and a hapy new year + update

Merry christmas and a happy new year

hello fellow bloggers i know ive been absent on bloging this week and last(cough cought) but christmas time is coming and it gets busy this time of year (and i get lazy that may be a factor :) ) so this is a post to just talk about stuff that i need to mention and to let you guys know i have not given up on blogging and to please just bear with it till after the holidays.

so one  i shall be going on vacation soon so that means i will not have any internet acess and will not be able to post reviews and other posts i usually do, but on the other hand i will have time to read alot on vacation and get cached up on the reviews i haven`t written yet if you are curious of what reviews will be coming here is a list for you:

need by Carrie Jones
captivate by Carrie Jones
angelfire by Courtney Alisson Moulton
darklight by Lesley Livinston
Once dead twice shy by Kim Harisson
sucks to be me by Kimberly Pauley
the death master by ...
never slow dance with a zombie by E Van Lowe
sea change ¸by Aimee Friedman

so yes lots of reviews to get done  you might realise angelfire is in this list and that its not out yet...I KNOW!!! i was so excited when the librarian lent it to me so i could review it and bring it back afterwards and let me say the book is really good  and a big thanks to the librarian she also lent me the 5th book in the wicked lovely series by melissa marr it`s called darkest mercy and i am super hyper about it

so thats the first thing secondly it's christmas day!!!! yes the holly jolly and probably in my top 3 favorite moments of the year so(starts to sing) i want to wish you a merry christmas i wish you merry christmas  i wish you a merry christmas and a happpy new year.i hope you have a wonderful christmas .

i got some lovely books for christmas here is the list

actually there are maybe too many to list but heres a few

iron king by julie kagawa
personal demons by
fallen by lauren kate
matched by allie condie
 and way more

and will review those soon  some awesome books no?so to conclude a very mery christmas a happy new year and see you next year have a great christmas break

kinda represents somewhere im going on vacation(grins)

happy reading

 Maya :)

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