Sunday, December 5, 2010

Warrior princess by Frewin jones

warrior princess

 official resume :Princess Branwen ap Griffith is fifteen when her brother is murdered by the savage Saxons, who have been closing in on her family's home in their quest for land and riches. Branwen’s brother's death is a symbol of their heightened aggression. Though Branwen loathes the thought of backing down from the job of defending her home, she allows her parents to send her away to allies who will be able to keep her safe.

But Branwen is not prepared for the wave of hostility that meets her when she arrives at her allies' stronghold, where women have no place hunting or fighting, and she is forbidden from doing anything the lady of the land deems unladylike. Branwen longs for her home and for the chance to fight, but she still isn't prepared to accept her fate as a warrior, even when an encounter with a woman clad in white foretells a choice Branwen will have to make—one with devastating consequences. When all that she holds dear hangs in the balance, Branwen will have to choose to defy her elders and take a chance, or do as is expected of her and risk losing everything. 

my resume: branwen is a princess of a kingdom of warriors when her brother is killed she is sent to another kindom to be kept safe she must decide her destiny

this was a great book I know I always start with that but it's almost always true. So this was a great book with a great plot line though I think personally that this book was just a book leading up to the next one even though when you read this book it kind of shows,once you passed about page 60 you don't want to put the book down I can't wait to read the next book .

the plot was really great and the romance was lacking in this book witch I was kind of dispointed about but it was still present the ending to me seemed kind of rushed but still really well discribed

it's also very interesting watching the main caracther evolove into a warrior princess so to conclude it's a great book and i can't wait to read the next book

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