Saturday, December 11, 2010

Undine by Penni Russon


Official resume :Undine gets along well with her unconventional mother, she adores her baby brother, and she has a devoted kindred spirit in her best friend and next-door neighbor, Trout. It's inconvenient that Trout has a sloppy crush on her, but Undine tries to overlook this. Undine is basically satisfied . . . until strange things begin happening to her.      It starts with an odd feeling, a shadow in the mirror, a whisper only Undine can hear: It's time to come home. And it builds. One hot day, when Undine imagines knitting together a few scattered clouds, she creates a massive thunderstorm.      Who is Undine? Where does her power come from? What is she meant to do? Undine needs answers to these questions, so she sets off in search of a father she'd always believed was dead and a self she's only beginning to discover. But Undine's magic is powerful, wild, and dangerous -- and her feelings as she uncovers the truth are even fiercer. Will Undinee find herself or lose herself . . . and everyone she loves?

My resume:undine has a good life a mother she loves  a baby brother she also loves and a best friend who wants to be something more but when strange feelings and things start hapening to her she starts uncovering the truth about her and the sea


the dictionary would describe undine as a mythical sea creature also know as a sea nimph(omg original way to start hit`s herself in the head) but this undine is a carasmatic girl that i enjoyed very much at some points she was extremely sweet but on the snap of a thinger she could hold dark thoughts that she isn`t able to control this was a eery good book from the very first page to the very last it is a story of mystery magic and romance and there was just enough of every aspect to make it perfectly balanced all the love interest's in the book was very well described I also enjoyed how the point of view changed but did not change continuously for example the main caracter was undine but she let you in to her friends mind maybe 6 time throwout the book to know what was really going in his head witch helped you follow and understand the story a bit more

the plot was also good i do say this in almost every review but it`s true you expected the plot to go in this direction but i went completely in the other direction the author certainly suprised you.great book worth reading

good reading

Maya :)

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