Monday, October 25, 2010

Gamer girl by Mari Mancusi

                          Gamer girl                                       

 Official resume
MEET ALLORA ,beautiful elf princess with magical powers-aka Maddy.In real life,Maddy's existence is all but magical.Her parets split and now she's stuck in a small town at a new school.Sometimes it's enough to retreat into her manga art,but when she gets the fields of fantasy online computer game for her birthday,she knows she's found the one place she can be herself.In the game world,Maddy can have a perfect life.But is it enough to escape her real-life problems,or will she find a way to make her ral worl just as amazing as her virtual one?

 My resume
Maddy starr is a 16 year old  high school student who is forced to move to her grandmothers unicorn infested house after her parents divorce all Mary wants is to go back to her old school in boston and hang out with her old friends but sadly her mother doesn't have the same thoughts so Maddy is forced to go to school filled with aberzombies and what she thinks a school with no diversity at all.On her sixteenth birthday her dad sends her a game shes benn wanting to play for a while called fields of fantasy were she meets SirLeo.Who is this sir leo and will things get better ?


well were to start as I am a fan of drawing and manga this book apealed to me personally. The book gamer girl was well written it was one of those book were you have to read about 50 pages to get into it but once you do you get can't help but care for the caracthers.It is also a book that mostly likely will associate to stuff you may have experienced yourself such as the stuggles of high school ,finding true friends,standing up for yourself, being true to yourself the list goes on.The book was well written and i would sugest you read this book if you are  fan of video games and or manga because the do talk about it alot though someone who likes school life stories or romance would probably really enjoy this book to.

   the aspect of a virtual relasionship was very interesting and you could really see the romance between Alorra and SirLeo there was some romace but i would of liked a bit more romance personnaly but overall the romance is very lovely ^_^. Theres was also alot of forshadowing in this book and sometimes the answer to the questions are a bit too obvious but not so ovbious that theres no point in reading the books anymore if you get what i mean by that.In gamer girl Maddy starr the main caracther is struggling alot in this book the pressure of her parents divorce the bulling at school the feeling of having no one there for you.Maddy escapes this feeling with drawing and playing video games i thought that the concept of this story was very good overal a great read.XD

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