Monday, November 8, 2010

Raven by allison van diepen

Raven by allison van diepen

raven was a very very very good book though the beginning was slow once you got to about page 100(this is really aproximate)
it got really interesting i read this book in one sitting !_! yes no joke !!!raven is a strong character and you never know what to aspect of her she can be really vulnerable at times and very strong at others zin is also an awesome character witch you can just imagine is just exploding with hotness(yummy) hes also a well planned out character but seriously all i could think of when he was in the scene is yumm ok that wasn't all i could think about but it is a major part of it (I thinks I should stop talking about this right now)

her brother is a real jerk ok more than a jerk(i don't know the right way to call it) and you know that Nicole(raven) is really depressed about this situation but the author could`ve gone more in details you didn't really feel Nicole pain but it was very clear that she was in despair over the incident for someone like me whop has never lived something like that(thank the lord)it was hard for me to relate due to lack of details

this book is pretty dark but not dark enough that it is hard to read(i haven't encountered any of those yet) and the author is clever so even at the ending tragedies happen so you never know if something will go wrong until the last page I do wish though that the ending was a bit longer by ending i mean the part where they live happily ever after basically more romance at the end of the book

spoliler(to read only after finishing the book)

at the begining when she was always referring to the gost it got kind of coonfusing first you thought she could she gosts then when her dad new about the gost and accepted it you thought well ok maybe it is this the persons name well finally i got it that it was in fact her brother who she decided to nickname in that way all im saying is that i could of been more clear

ok here is my confession i was secretly hoping that nicloe(raven) became a jin shing and i was also thinking that she would chose that to so the ending was really unecpected who could've guessed kim was a heng te I love it when the author throws something unecpected.

her brother is really sweet when he becomes a jin shing but your kind of thinking the whole while that the only reason he is a jin shing is because carlo wants raven witch is the reason

anyaways to conclude great book XD

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